After attending two of the country’s most prestigious design schools in New York City, and having lived and worked in cities around the world, Houston became home to the husband-wife team in 2000. Matthew and Kimberly Pacetti founded Good Project as a creative venture to enable them to collaborate on design projects that have helped shape the Houston business and consumer landscape. Since starting in 2001, Good Project has become a respected, award-winning design firm that brings distinction to its varied clients.
KIMBERLY PACETTI   |   Kimberly has a unique creative design background that spans over twenty years.  Her experience began in New York specializing in consumer packaging, research, concepting, exhibition and display design. She has since spearheaded creative design projects and programs for clients such as Nabisco, Ford, Chrysler and The Coca-Cola Company. Kimberly has lived and worked around the world – Houston, Miami, New York, Singapore, Hong Kong and Kuala Lumpur – giving her a rich global perspective. Her inventive design solutions have been seen in numerous design and fashion magazines. Currently, Kimberly focuses her time between being an industry consultant and a creative specialist at Good Project.

MATTHEW PACETTI   |   Matthew has a wide range of experience in creating corporate identities, print promotions, multimedia presentations, web sites and digital video projects. Before launching Good Project, Matthew was a founding member of the critically acclaimed NYC design firm P2, and the San Francisco design team ENEMY. He has received several design awards for his work and has been featured in numerous books and publications, including being featured by Print Magazine in their top 20 under 30. Matthew’s multi-disciplinary approach has evolved into a unique visual style that early in his career attracted such clients as Viacom, Aveda, Sony and Toyota among others. Matthew continues to diversify the type of projects and industries served by his unique brand of design.

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