Good Project rebranded the signature product lines of Gray & Company, the 100+ year old, world’s top maraschino cherry producer. The outdated packaging and CherryMan brand was in need of redesign to help elevate the brand in stores and promote sales and distribution. An extensive brand overhaul evolved the company’s namesake mascot, CherryMan, with a completely new character and visual style. Good Project extended those brand updates to include redesigning the packaging, branding for all of their product lines, marketing and sales collateral and web site design and included creating a new natural brand called Farm to Market. The CherryMan Farm to Market Maraschinos debuted at the world premiere of Disney’s Wreck It Ralph animated feature film. The reference to the “power up” cherries in the movie, made for a perfect launch event for their new product.
top: before and after the 2012 redesign of the CherryMan brand
bottom: flagship product package redesign, promotion giveaway box
new label design for Gray & Co.s wholesale product lines
first release of the new farm to market maraschinos, promotional flyer for new product release
promotional visuals and shipping truck two-sided layout
social media graphics
second generation of farm to market maraschino product line
sell sheet for nationwide distribution of farm to market product line
web site design
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