We are a full service brand strategy & design firm, located in Houston, that specializes in creating transformative brand identities, packaging and market activation for businesses in professional services, real estate development, consumer retail, hospitality, healthcare and institutional industries.
A place where design and strategy meld to create ideas that unite art, culture and commerce. At Good Project, we believe that every design problem has its perfect solution. We treat every project with the same attention– we look from every angle to define a strategy to help your business succeed. We believe that good design can set any business, in any industry, ahead of the competition.

Good Design  |   A good project is a balance between practical and provocative. A project that comes in on budget, and exceeds the client’s expectations. A good project is what results when you develop solid strategies and combine those with a methodical game plan, to deliver bold communications that work to propel your brand forward. We assess where your brand is today, and where you want it to be tomorrow. We passionately believe that progress comes from hard work, and inspiration comes from practically everything.

Good Process  |   A good client is one that is active in the process. We ask that our clients collaborate in development. At times we might even ask that you make a leap of faith with us to ensure that we can both share in the rewards of a project done well. We strive to form lasting relationships with each of our clients. Good Project provides a full range of design services from consulting to implementation. We excel in the big and small picture. We have the capabilities to define your brand strategy, design your identity, build your web site, create your advertising, stage your annual report, add panache to your presentations and develop the signage/wayfinding that will drive your customers to you. Good branding reflects dependability, consistency and sustainability.
Good Business  |   Every project needs to fit within your desired budget. We offer competitive pricing, and can design creatively scaled proposals to suit your needs. We look at each project with a fresh perspective and can help you to define your goals from the onset. We’ve worked with companies big and small– from those just getting started, to well established companies looking for a brand-lift. No matter what the project might be, we always rise to the challenge... ready to turn a project into a good project.

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